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Browse our key features and see how Codapay can supercharge your payroll team's efficiency.

Process payroll

Run payroll in record time with our cloud-based system, taking just seconds regardless of the number of payees. Our unlimited solution allows you to scale up your business without impacting performance – whether you process 100 or 10,000 workers.

  • Includes all payment types including PAYE, umbrella, self-employed, CIS, and LTD
  • Up to date with all legislation changes – including IR35
  • Payroll errors are flagged automatically
  • HMRC integrated
  • No cost for additional Codapay licenses

Supports the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

CIS verification is simple and easy through Codapay. Integrated with HMRC, the worker’s UTR number is validated to return the correct CIS status and corresponding tax percentage.

  • CIS returns submitted automatically each month
  • Ability to preview CIS returns before they are sent
  • Check errors before submitting using CIS reporting tools
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Onboard new starters

Manually or bulk upload new workers to Codapay. Our handy new starter dashboard shows any workers that require registration, plus a step by step checklist to begin. If any workers leave, you can also set them as a leaver and they’ll be archived within the system.

  • Import unlimited workers in seconds
  • Clearly see which workers within the system require onboarding
  • All workers are provided with a login for their worker portal to upload hours, create e-signatures, and more
  • Keep everything in one place, with all worker and agency management contained within Codapay

Manage workers

Easily access and view employee records that are logically laid out so you can complete a task in no time. Update worker details within the system and get notified if you need to complete any further information.

  • Real-time record searching
  • See who is editing a record
  • Add notes and documentation
  • Send communications to worker portals
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Generate reports

Get access to an extensive range of pre-built reports as standard. We’re continually expanding the range based on client feedback. Plus, our UK-based development team can create bespoke reports upon request.

  • 50+ useful reports that can be exported
  • Designed to save you time and reduce errors
  • Gain insight into your payroll performance

Manage expenses

Workers can add expenses using their mobile-friendly portal, which can be viewed and authorised through the system.

  • Pre-built into the system – no additional tools required
  • Eligibility questionnaire available on the portal for expense submissions
  • Approve expenses via an authorisation process or auto-approval
  • Receipt/invoice upload available for workers to manage quickly and easily
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Check audit logs

Our clear audit trail shows all changes made to worker records by admin users and the system. Designed so you can track any updates without the need to download complicated files.

  • Simple, easy-to-read list
  • Identify changes by users with a date/time stamped record
  • Easily pinpoint when an error was made

Create invoices

Easily send invoices and credit notes to clients. Simply input the fields you require and the invoice / credit note can then be either sent to the recipient by email or downloaded as a PDF or CSV file.

  • Templates automatically generated
  • Reverse invoices if you spot any mistakes
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Manage pensions

Complete pension submissions for any leading pension provider and view all previous submissions, as well as any errors. Plus, manage worker’s pension details through their records and enrol them into a pension scheme.

  • Easy to integrate pension providers
  • We’ve partnered with Nest, Smart Pension, and The People’s Pension for seamless data syncing
  • Manage pensions all in one place

Send email / SMS

When you’re onboarded to Codapay, you have the option to add email and SMS capability into the system. This means you can keep communication in one place and save investment on other tools.

  • We partner with trusted providers to provide reliable services
  • Secure and protected communications
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Store documents

Securely import key documentation against worker records to keep everything in one place. Due to the flexibility of our worker records, Codapay can be used as a CRM to manage all your client and worker data.

  • We’re dedicated to ensuring our platform remains safe and secure
  • Save time by using one tool to manage your back office

Reverse errors

Human error is inevitable when it comes to processing payroll, that’s why Codapay is packed with functionality to prevent and correct any errors that slip through the net. Our open pay weeks mean you can amend previously submitted Real-Time Information without the hassle of flagging an error directly through HMRC. Meanwhile, pre-validation increases the accuracy of pay runs.

  • Unlimited rollback and reprocessing at no extra cost
  • Improve the accuracy of your pay runs
  • RTI corrections are automatically handled by the system
  • Simple and compliant
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Make bulk actions

Save time and increase productivity by utilising Codapay’s bulk actions, including importing, processing, and sending. Plus, if your files contain any suspected errors, the system will automatically flag these to you.

  • Bulk process an unlimited number of workers across different clients
  • Do it all in just one click
  • Choose from manual or bulk processing

Self-service portals

Our cloud-based portals for agencies and clients allow key documentation and accounts to be managed by the users, reducing your admin. All clients are automatically set up with a login to view payslips and add timesheets, while agencies can use it to manage information imported from their front end system.

  • Secure and compliant
  • Offer greater autonomy to clients and agencies
  • Built-in secure e-signature functionality
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Manage HMRC data

Complete RTI submissions easily thanks to our HMRC integration. If you make any errors, RTI can be re-submitted in no time.

  • Handy reports are available to check for RTI errors
  • View all previous RTI submissions

Manage banking

Download your banking file and set up your payment date within the system. Codapay simplifies the processes you need to consider when running payroll.

  • Bank files available for major banks
  • Ability to choose payment date for bank file download
  • Separate bank file available for Attachment of Earnings (AOE)
  • Verify worker bank details using our Loqate integration

And more coming soon!

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And so much more! If you’re curious about any features that aren’t listed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.