9 tech predictions for 2021 (and how we compare)

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The impact of the pandemic on technology has been significant, enabling businesses and people to adjust to new ways of living and working. Unsurprisingly, this trend is set to continue in 2021, with technology usage facing rapid change as we adapt to a ‘new normal’.

In this article, we’ve summarised Gartner’s 2021 technology trends and stacked them up against Codapay’s offering – just for fun!


Gartner’s technology trend predictions for 2021

1. Internet of Behaviours

This refers to the use of behavioural user data to drive change. Gartner gives the example of vehicle production companies using data from driving patterns to introduce safety features or change insurance rates.

How Codapay compares:

At Codapay, we use customer feedback data through surveys to improve user experience. Plus, our modern support desk keeps track of service ratings and common questions that allow us to optimise the software continually.


2. Total experience

Rather than focusing on just user experience, total experience refers to the all-encompassing experience of all involved. For example, the use of technology in-store that allows employees to check the customer’s device remotely. During the pandemic, this hygiene measure benefits both the employee and the customer, facilitated through technology.

How Codapay compares:

Our software offers the full experience – from user experience to clever features: it’s all designed to make payroll easier without compromising on functionality. We’re at the forefront of technology-driven software, and continually make improvements to our products to make things easier. We have an exciting feature roadmap in place for upcoming months – watch this space!


3. Privacy-enhancing computation

In short, this trend refers to the confidentiality of data being shared. Digital privacy and security continue to be a trend as the need to collaborate online increases.

How Codapay compares:

We offer the utmost privacy and security of our clients’ data, with our cybersecurity practises approved through our Cyber Essentials certification. All software licenses we use are also protected and compliant.


4. Distributed cloud

This trend refers to when cloud services are distributed to different physical locations, while the operation, governance and evolution is the responsibility of the public cloud provider. Gartner predicts that by 2025, over half of organisations will use a distributed cloud option.

How Codapay compares:

Being cloud-based, all of our data is held in secure and compliant datacentres to ensure security and uptime are prioritised. We continually audit our servers to ensure our UK customers receive the optimum service they expect.


5. Anywhere operations

The pandemic has propelled the need for technology that can be taken anywhere, with a digital-first default for key actions. The key concepts of this trend are digital-first, remote-first, digitally enhanced physical places, and distributed business capabilities.

How Codapay compares:

We’re cloud-based which means you can access Codapay anywhere with an internet connection. This meant our clients could run payroll without a problem when the coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020, working from home has been second nature to our users. With Codapay, there’s no more downloading clunky, costly software – enjoy free version updates that are rolled out automatically across the cloud.


6. Cybersecurity mesh

As many organisational assets now expand outside of office locations, a “cybersecurity mesh” enables digital access securely – regardless of whereabouts through identification.

How Codapay compares:

As mentioned, our solution can be accessed anywhere due to its cloud framework. Codapay’s Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates our dedication to ensuring the platform is secure and protected. We also support IP restricting and are planning further security measures, including two-factor authentication.

While Codapay uses a traditional username and password login, this is protected by certified security measures. Plus, our software only requires one login per administrator to run payroll for any client. We also allow an admin user to take control of their internal user accounts and management.


7. Intelligent composable business

This refers to a business that can digitally transform as a result of current circumstances, driven by increasing ease of access to data. Data, analytics, and applications need to work together to bring around digital transformation.

How Codapay compares:

We react quickly to our clients’ urgent needs. For example, our UK-based developers developed a furlough functionality within two days in response to the announcement of the scheme. We’re ever-changing – and we can also adapt to your business’s needs with bespoke options available.

Many of our clients consent to provide user feedback that we then analyse and action. Plus, our implementation consultations have helped businesses transform their back office as part of onboarding, from speed to resilience.


8. AI engineering

Companies that implement an AI strategy will be able to deliver performance, reliability, scalability, and interpretability. This is a trend that has been common in recent years and continues to grow.

How Codapay compares:

Although we like to keep our service team human, our software includes the convenience and accuracy of AI. For example, Codapay’s automation feature flags suspected errors to save you time and money. We also have some exciting AI-driven features coming to the platform in 2021 and 2022.


9. Hyperautomation

Heightened by the need for a digital-first approach, hyperautomation essentially follows the rule that legacy processes that can be automated should be automated. Automation increases efficiency and reliability, as well as generally increasing accuracy.

In effect, this should save businesses money by increasing the performance of the processes. Gartner says that by 2024, automation could lower operational costs by 30%.

How Codapay compares:

Codapay aims to make payroll easier for businesses. If you spend a considerable amount of time on payroll admin each month, we can help. Our software addresses the shortcomings of recruitment payroll software, offering a cloud-based solution that’s constantly up to date, helping to streamline our clients’ operations. We release automatic updates and features weekly thanks to our state-of-the-art deployment and automation testing tools.



Technology trends have been accelerated by the pandemic, uncovering a real need for change. With the traditional workplace being challenged by flexible working; we rely on a digital-first approach to support our new ways of working moving forwards.

Codapay is continually evolving to meet changing technology requirements – whether that’s updating our core system or adding new functionality. Find out more about our payroll solutions and book a free demo to find out how we can support your company’s digital transformation.

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