Beware the scary payroll software this Halloween

Spooky Halloween pumpkins

Vampires, ghouls, and zombies are preparing for their annual fright fest, but the real monster might be something more unassuming. Beware the scary payroll software – or as our friends at Vincere call it, the Frankenstack.

This frightful phenomenon might leave you drained of resources and money, leading to an unproductive team and inefficient processes. *Shudders*

So, here’s what you need to keep your eye out for this spooky season.


It’s slow and not exactly steady

If your tasks are delayed and disrupted by your software, it’s the curse of an outdated solution. A great solution should make your work easier and eliminate frustration and inefficiency.

Let’s not forget that every minute lost is billable and could be spent elsewhere in your business. You can even work out how much money that translates to – which is pretty darn scary.


It isn’t powerful unless it mutates

An out-of-the-box solution should be just that – fit to use out of the box. If you’re having to plough money into it to customise it and integrate too many other solutions, you’re heading towards a Frankenstack – badly botched together technology. Plus, this makes for a tricky migration which can trap you in your chilling contract for longer.

Escape before you invest more money and dig yourself deeper into a self-made grave. Here’s a guide to switching – it isn’t as daunting as you think.


You need to take unnecessary shortcuts

Completing tasks with a scary solution feels like a chore within a chore. You may have found a way to overcome its limitations but ultimately, you shouldn’t have to compromise. You should be able to achieve your basic payroll requirements without a complicated journey that makes training new staff an ordeal.

Sometimes, you can remedy a complicated process with training from the vendor to ensure you’re clear on best practices. We consider training and software feedback to be an ongoing task to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Your invoices are stuff of nightmares

When new invoices in your inbox start to feel like a mystery box with something unpredictable inside, it’s time to ask yourself why.

It isn’t the first time we’ve said this, but there’s a difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘good value for money’, so it’s less a matter of cost – and more a matter of whether you consider your investment to pay off. It’s subjective, but you’ll know whether the performance of the software offers bang for your buck.


The support team is ghosting you

You need help with your software, but the vendor’s support team is nowhere to be seen. And when they surface, their responses are frustrating placeholders that don’t give you a direct answer.

Your software is only good as the support team behind it. You need to trust that if you ever face a scary situation, you have the reassurance of a knowledgeable team right behind you.

On that note, if you rely on support often, ask yourself why. Do you typically raise technical issues or general usability questions? The frequency and type of requests may signal weaknesses in either the solution or supporting documentation.


What happens if you’re caught out by scary software?

  • Your productivity will be zapped
  • Completing tasks will be a slog
  • Your money will be sucked away by inefficient processes
  • You’ll be throwing good money at bad
  • You’ll stay stuck in the past
  • Your payroll team will be unmotivated and frustrated
  • Not to mention the torture of poor service


Luckily there’s a cure

If your scary software is uncurable by training, and you have little confidence that things will change – for example with product updates – switching your software is a great idea.

Be careful of the sunk cost fallacy – the belief that you’ve invested too much to let go. This catches many businesses out that then continue to plug more money into an unsuitable solution.

While switching software can be labour intensive and costly upfront, the long-term benefits of optimised software can be enormous. And you can say goodbye to your Frankenstack.

So… say hello to Codapay – flexible payroll software for flexible workforces.


Benefits of Codapay:

  • Increase productivity and claw back money with 5-second processing
  • Free ongoing updates that free you from the shackles of outdated software
  • Flexible cloud platform built on reliable, leading frameworks
  • Clear user journey that leaves nowhere for monsters to hide
  • Friendly UK-based support team with an average response time of 20 mins

Has your software given up the ghost? Book a free demo today to learn how Codapay can revolutionise your payroll.

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