Celebrating Small Business Week and our recent growth!

Codapay Small Business Week

Codapay has been a name making waves in the recruitment payroll industry this past year.

And there’s no surprise, as we’ve stepped up our game and delivered real innovation, which has shaken up the market and inspired change. As a result, we’ve grown by 120% since 2020.

We’re celebrating Small Business Week in honour of our achievements and continued success – proving bigger isn’t necessarily better ?.


About our business structure

Our business has changed over the past year to meet increased demand. On our website, we state that we have 30 UK-based team members – but we’ve been criticised for having a lower number on our LinkedIn employees list. To set the record straight, this number also reflects the dedicated team members at our strategic partner, who provide expert development and support capabilities to the Codapay platform.

Naturally, as we grow, we’re also expanding our team and have recently recruited some brilliant people across Commercial and Product teams, as well as updates to our Management team. We’re thrilled to be welcoming our new teammates onboard!

Plus, our client list is constantly increasing. Codapay was being used to pay around 60,000 workers each month at the end of this tax year, and we have taken on 8 new customers in April 2021 alone. We have more signed up and onboarding has started, so we forecast significant growth over the upcoming years too!


Small business, big plans

Operating within a niche industry, we often come up against providers who have a more established reputation and team size. However, this rarely puts us at a disadvantage when prospective clients hear about our plans for growth, our capabilities, and how we like to work.

Older doesn’t necessarily mean better. For example, Bebo replaced Myspace, Facebook replaced Myspace… you get the idea! Innovation breeds change, and we celebrate our ability to stay ahead of the game.

That being said, if Codapay isn’t necessarily the best fit for a prospect, we’re always happy to listen to feedback for our product roadmap, as well as suggesting another provider that would better suit their requirements. Our Codapay demos offer a great opportunity to discuss suitability and unique needs.

Coming soon…

We have a BIG pipeline of features in progress and will be keeping clients in the loop of new releases via email.

Our pipeline is based on identified opportunities and customer feedback, ensuring we offer an optimised experience. We love to receive feedback – good or bad – to ensure our product evolves in the right direction.

Plus, we have some exciting partnerships coming up that will be instrumental to our growth across all areas of the recruitment market.

Stay tuned on our LinkedIn page!

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