Codapay payroll software: Feature and service comparison

Codapay feature lowdown

Comparing payroll software options can seem an impossible task when it becomes a case of cutting through marketing material to find the facts. We’ve made things easy so you can compare Codapay’s fantastic features to the specifications of other providers you may be considering.

We’ve split the following sections into the seven main points you need to weigh up when investing in a new solution. If you have any questions about anything we haven’t covered, get in touch with our friendly team!


Who Codapay is suitable for

  • Solutions for umbrella companies, recruitment agencies, payroll bureaus, accountants, RPOs, outsourced payroll companies
  • Unique business types – bespoke solution
  • All pay frequencies and models

Codapay offers flexible and limitless solutions for a range of business types, as well as bespoke software for more unique structures. It’s ready prepared with the capability to payroll all workers across all of your pay types and pay periods.



  • Fully cloud-based platform
  • Cloud worker and agency portals

Codapay is a SaaS solution designed to operate from any location, ideal for remote or office working. We handle cybersecurity with great care, with a Cyber Essentials certification to prove it. The alternative of on-premise software requires manual updates, plus costly maintenance and upkeep.



  • Processes in under 5 seconds
  • Responsive, fast-loading platform

The fastest software of its kind, Codapay processes an unlimited number of payments in seconds without any lagging or delay. There are also no disruptions in terms of updates as they are automatic and rolled out across the cloud outside of working hours.


Technical support

  • Fully UK-based team
  • Speedy support desk
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Rated 4.59/5.00 (Q2 2021)
  • Included free with your package

Our support team is our crowning glory, a UK-based knowledgeable bunch who are on hand to help when you need it. All our clients have a dedicated Account Manager who is available to support on all non-technical matters. You’re in great hands with Codapay.



Our solutions are feature-rich without compromising on simplicity. Our product team continually adds to our feature roadmap to ensure Codapay evolves alongside your business. Plus, if you require bespoke functionality for any unique business processes, we have the capacity to spec and develop this for you.


Ease of use

  • Simple user interface
  • Regular user experience updates
  • Knowledgebase articles for self-service

Codapay is designed to be easy to use, with a logical menu structure and an obvious user journey. In the event you ever need clarity, our knowledgebase is available 24/7 to detail how to complete key tasks. This automatically links to our service desk, so if you submit a question that has already been answered, you’ll get an answer automatically. Plus, we LOVE and welcome feedback to ensure we’re always improving.


Value for money

  • Pay per payslip – split the cost of your contract over monthly payments
  • Low upfront cost
  • Free technical support
  • No additional cost per user license or new accounts
  • Scales up with your business, no upgrade required
  • Supercharge efficiency with super-fast processing

We prioritise high-quality technology and a skilled UK-based team, which comes at a price to us. Nonetheless, we offer affordable monthly fees on a pay-per-usage basis, so you’ll pay as you grow. However, the real value of our solution comes from its time-saving and efficiency-boosting capabilities.



We aim to combine great technology and customer service with an affordable, competitive pricing structure. If we were to position ourselves in the market, our key strength is that we work alongside you in the present – and as you grow.

Instead of bombarding you with updates that don’t make your day-to-day easier, we add features that truly save you time and increase productivity. Plus, we have a fully UK-based team with the capacity to modify Codapay and tailor it to your business’s unique requirements.

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