Introducing Codapay Academy – our on-demand training hub

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Introducing Codapay Academy, our self-service training hub for new and existing clients. It’s packed full of useful resources in simple sections to ensure you become fully trained to use Codapay payroll software.

Codapay Academy has been up and running since late 2021, and it’s been a massive hit with users who love the flexibility it offers.

So, let’s dive into how it works and why it’s a fantastic addition to our onboarding capability.

About Codapay Academy

Our on-demand training hub is designed to bring you up to speed with all Codapay’s key features. Graduates of the Academy will know how to use all the key processes and tasks in Codapay payroll software.

Here’s a sneak peek of the dashboard:

Codapay Academy dashboard

The web-based platform is loaded with short videos and articles that guide you through the different sections of our software, with quick quizzes to put your knowledge to the test. Earn a badge for each section you complete and be well on the way to becoming a Codapay expert.

As several users from each organisation can be assigned to the platform, the bugbear of scheduling a meeting time suitable for every team member is eliminated. Plus, new members of your team can train without any reliance on resource.

While the Codapay Academy is a robust training programme, our self-serve knowledge base serves to cover day-to-day troubleshooting. Not to mention our UK-based support team is on hand to answer any queries.

Does it replace traditional training?

No, our UK-based team can still provide in-person or remote training. Codapay Academy is in addition to our existing service to bolster our onboarding programme. Providing a self-service option means all your team members can train at times that suit their schedule.

Benefits of the Academy

While some people prefer traditional training, Codapay Academy offers the flexibility to do the following:

  • Train at any time of day from any location
  • Pause and pick it up at a more convenient time
  • Re-access the system at any time, even after completion
  • Reduce time spent on internal training as new members of your team can self-serve
  • Train at your own pace for better engagement

Best of all, it’s available as standard and included free of charge in your package.

Codapay Academy offers a huge advantage to new clients of Codapay and is just one of the many service improvements we’re rolling out in 2022 (stay tuned on LinkedIn!).

Codapay Academy is available now to new and existing clients. If you’re an existing client and require a login, please get in touch with our support team.

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