New tax year, new payroll software

Now we’re settled into 2022, it’s time to plan for what you want to achieve in the new financial year.

When it comes to paying workers, a key consideration is whether your current software is still fit for purpose. Your solution should not only get the job done but also reduce admin and make payroll tasks easier.

If it doesn’t – now’s the perfect time to switch solutions and start fresh without the need for mid-year data migration. Continue reading to learn why.


Why now is the perfect time

The period leading up to the new tax year is the most popular time to switch for two reasons:

1) It enables a fresh start

2) No mid-year data needs to be moved over

With a strong onboarding plan, switching is easy at any time of year. However, eliminating data migration does make it that bit quicker, so you can be up and running sooner.

At Codapay, new clients are usually onboarded within weeks, so we recommend committing to switching by end of February to go live in time for the new tax year. Be aware that it’s the busiest time of year for software providers, so leaving it to the last minute may not accommodate the deadline.

Find out more about migrating to a new software partner in our switching guide.

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Evaluate your current solution

We’ve explained how to identify a poor payroll solution many times before, but you’ll probably already know if it doesn’t hit the mark. Whether it’s causing frustrated staff with slow loading and unnecessary workarounds or unhappy workers due to incorrect or late payslips, it doesn’t have to be that way.

By choosing a company with first-class software and customer service, as well as a robust onboarding process, switching doesn’t have to be a pain. Here are some initial considerations to weigh up your current software:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is it scalable?
  • Is it automated?
  • Is it future-proofed? Is it cloud-based?
  • Does it offer value for money?
  • Is ongoing support satisfactory?

If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, your business can benefit from a new solution to supercharge productivity and save billable time.

If you need to make a strong business case for a new solution, check out our blog post on calculating the ROI of payroll software. A new solution can equate to real money savings – an important factor in any business decision.


Finding the perfect software partner

Marketing materials can only go so far when it comes to weighing up your software options. Book in free demos with multiple providers to see the software in action and get to know the people behind the product. Ideally, you’ll be able to trial the product before committing to ensure it’s the right choice for you.

Your chosen software must do all the basic tasks well – by making them easier and quicker. Try not to be swayed by the nice-to-haves and ensure the general functionality is seamless and scalable. If you need help with what to look out for, download our free payroll software buyer’s guide.

However, it’s not only the software that needs to be considered but also the provider. While switching software is easy from a technical standpoint, it’s not something you’ll want to do regularly – with the added requirements of onboarding staff and searching for another partner.

You should always make sure the software provider has:

  • A robust onboarding process
  • UK-based support
  • Measurable SLAs for support
  • Online self-service


Why it’s better to switch sooner than later

Delaying your migration will cost you time and money for each month you continue to use an inefficient solution. Plus, the knock-on effects of poor processes can be detrimental: an unmotivated workforce, dissatisfied workers, legal consequences, and much more.

Changing your software can sometimes seem like a scary prospect – and it can feel like it’s better the devil you know, despite the issues caused for your team, contractors, and agencies. However, rest assured it’s a process that’s taken out of your hands by your software provider to ensure a smooth transition.

The faster you get the ball rolling, the sooner you can be making time and cost savings. If your team’s efficiency is compromised by an outdated solution, it’s a problem for today – and not another day.


Further reading

Download our handy guides to help you with planning and to motivate you to begin the switching process.


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