The Nightmare On-Prem Street

Screaming skeleton

You don’t want to go down On-Prem Street.

It sounds unsuspecting, but it’s stuff of nightmares for business owners trying to stay productive.

Every step along the way will drain you of time and claw away your memory.

Carry on reading to hear the cautionary tale if you dare.


A techie’s worst nightmare

It’s a scary word in the software space.

We are, of course, talking about *whispers* on-premises software.

The opposite of cloud software, it’s latched onto your business’s premises, computer, or an on-site server. It keeps you stuck in a never-ending cycle of maintenance costs, responsibility, and memory loss.


If you get caught, you’ll face these consequences:

  • Horrifying upfront costs
  • Precious time lost on deployment and maintenance
  • Your ability to scale up with ease will be crushed
  • Drained server space
  • Scarily slow updates

Your IT team will also be held in the grip of on-site management. Plus, you better keep an eye out for bugs that might try to threaten the safety of your data.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


Luckily, there’s a simple solution

We’ve rescued some of our clients from their nightmares, and fortunately – it’s easy to wake up from this bad dream.

The cure is a cloud-based solution. Software that you can switch to and reverse the curse of an outdated system.

When it comes to payroll, with its ever-changing legislation, it’s essential you never stay stuck in the past. Cloud software like Codapay has automatic updates that ensure you never fall victim to manual patches and rising maintenance costs.

Plus, your upfront and ongoing costs will be slashed, and your resource restored.

Why not book a demo and see if you’re ready to leave On-Prem Street?


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