Why payroll bureaus require specialist software

When it comes to payroll, the right software is crucial to ensure success and ease the administration of paying workers. This is especially true for specialist business types, like payroll bureaus.

We often speak with bureaus that use standard accountancy software. As a result, unnecessary workarounds are taken, in turn reducing productivity and burning through billable time. That’s why standard solutions simply aren’t fit for purpose.

Luckily, specialist payroll bureau software can help plug the gaps and supercharge time and cost efficiency with dedicated features. So, let’s dive in and cover the benefits of investing in specialist software.


A growing market

The bureau payroll market is buoyant, with an increasing number of workers being paid via third parties, offering assistance to businesses who may find it more cost-effective or efficient than managing themselves.

Bureaus offer outsourced payroll with flexibility in their specialist service, allowing businesses to retain control and keep certain aspects of payrolling in-house. Benefits include reduced requirements for in-house staff and the reassurance of using qualified experts.

As payroll is the core offering of a bureau, the software used is fundamental for success and growth. With many clients to serve, efficiency is the number one consideration – and accounting software doesn’t cut the mustard.

Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Paying multiple clients calls for a solution that can handle processing any number of workers, and all at once, preventing unnecessary repetition
  • If you have more than one login or account to access all your end-clients, it’s too many. A good bureau software should allow you to view, manage and process all workers together, not separately.
  • Licensing costs of the software will incur further hidden charges down the line if your business grows

Plus, the long-term cost savings of increased productivity and reduced admin are significant.


So, what does a good solution look like?

A specialised business type requires specialised software. Solutions designed to meet the unique needs of payroll bureaus are configured to eliminate workarounds and work in harmony with your business.

As a payroll bureau, you’ll need to consider your pain points when it comes to processing payroll. Is processing agonisingly slow? Are you able to work on multiple client accounts at once? Are you able to do it all within the one platform?

To offer some examples of how specialist software can help, let us introduce ourselves.


Introducing Codapay

At Codapay, we believe payroll doesn’t have to be painful. Our payroll bureau software is designed to relieve payroll companies of the burden of accounting software that doesn’t meet their complex needs. Businesses across the UK use Codapay to simplify their processes and maximise productivity, driving profitability.

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