Payroll software buyer's guide (Free eBook)

Your software plays a key part in the speed and accuracy of payroll processing, so choosing the right solution is crucial. Our guide outlines all the steps you should take to make the right choice.

Save money, increase efficiency, and improve payroll accuracy

Are you looking for new payroll software or wondering whether your current solution is as efficient as it could be? Our eBook aids you through the process of choosing the right option from start to finish.

Ideal for payroll specialists and intermediaries, we’ve covered everything in simple terms with clear sections for reference. The guide also includes a printable resource for you to audit your requirements and benchmark the options.

Buyers guide eBook mockup

What you’ll learn:

  • Things you must consider before choosing a solution
  • What you should look for by business type
  • The different types of payroll software
  • Functionality you may need
  • Potential technology requirements
  • The cost of payroll software
  • The level of support you should receive
  • Which payroll features keep your workforce happy
  • How to shortlist and settle on a solution

Choosing the right payroll software is important, as it can save time, money, increase your efficiency, and reduce errors. Modernise your processes and ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time.

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Who we are

We’re Codapay, a cloud-based payroll software provider with solutions developed for umbrella companies and businesses of all sizes. Codapay is used for payrolling hundreds of thousands of workers across the UK each month.

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