Video: What is Codapay payroll software?

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Video transcript

With Codapay, you can say ‘goodbye’ to traditional, outdated payroll systems… and ‘hello’ to an evolution in payroll software, saving you time and money, while ensuring your workforce is paid correctly.

Dedicated on-site computers and inconvenient downloads are a thing of the past, because Codapay is cloud-hosted, offering you secure access, anywhere, anytime, without the need for high spec equipment and an expert IT team.

You’ll find it has plenty of useful features too that empower your organisation without compromising accuracy:

Codapay’s bulk processing and importing abilities simplify once longwinded tasks into just a few clicks.

Instantly process unlimited payments through a single login regardless of the number of employers. If you make an error, you can reverse and correct it.

Easily import and manage your contacts in one place, while taking advantage of Codapay’s SMS and email functionality.

Oh, and don’t worry… all functionality and security updates are automatically rolled out across the cloud, ensuring your data is always safe.

With extensive reporting capabilities and a simple, affordable pricing structure, you can conduct key analysis effortlessly and get more for less. Plus, our ongoing support package means you get help when you need it.

Revolutionise your payroll processing with Codapay’s future-proofed, cutting-edge software.

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