Webinar: How to choose the right payroll software

Looking to switch your payroll software but not sure where to start? Watch our webinar to discover all the key considerations involved and where to begin.
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Watch the webinar

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    This 30-minute session covers:

    • Things to consider when choosing a solution
    • How the right option can save time and money
    • What ‘good’ payroll software looks like
    • Technological requirements
    • When to switch

    Your payroll software may not be as efficient as it could be, reducing your business’s productivity and increasing spend. Switching solutions can seem scary, when in fact it’s a straightforward transition.

    We outline what your key considerations should be when looking for new payroll software, and discuss what your current solution should be doing.

    In the webinar, we touch on topics addressed in our free eBook – the ultimate guide to choosing payroll software. If you’re looking for new software in 2021, it’s a must-read